Release of Intropía in Vinyl – 9/12


Release of Intropía in Vinyl.

Not only as a whim, but as an adaptation to the trend in today’s music market, I have been inclined to edit this format, which curiously represents the past and the future of physical format in the way of listening to music. Perhaps because of its historical and nostalgic connotation, or because of its true quality and acoustic warmth, but in the last 5 years the vinyl has shot its sales to peaks of the level reached in the 80´s or 90´s. While the CD competes with the Digital platforms, thus losing its great value as a portable object, vinyl reappears as the true physical and analog format, apart from becoming a great new experience for people who were born in the digital age. The vinyl has come back, and it has made it big.

On December 9th will be distributed in different points this vinyl version of my first solo album ‘Intropía’ edited in May 2016 and we reissue this Christmas. LP-Vinyl that you can reserve from now until the end of existence of this limited edition.

All the info and reservation in:

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