‘SILENCE LOVERS CLUB – MANDOLIN PIECES’ – CD for sale January 16th. Digital pre-sale, December 19th.

Fernando Barroso´s new album is an original repertoire for mandolin and violoncello accompanied by Margarida Mariño.

The album will be available for sale on January 16, but digital pre-sale will be available on December 19th,on iTunes and Amazon.

Pre-sale consists of the possibility to reserve the product before the arrival of the official launch date. When this date arrives, the digital services will be responsible for automatically downloading the album to users who have it pre-sold, with the opportunity to enjoy the early download of two songs on the disc.

Release of Intropía in Vinyl – 9/12


Release of Intropía in Vinyl.

Not only as a whim, but as an adaptation to the trend in today’s music market, I have been inclined to edit this format, which curiously represents the past and the future of physical format in the way of listening to music. Perhaps because of its historical and nostalgic connotation, or because of its true quality and acoustic warmth, but in the last 5 years the vinyl has shot its sales to peaks of the level reached in the 80´s or 90´s. While the CD competes with the Digital platforms, thus losing its great value as a portable object, vinyl reappears as the true physical and analog format, apart from becoming a great new experience for people who were born in the digital age. The vinyl has come back, and it has made it big.

On December 9th will be distributed in different points this vinyl version of my first solo album ‘Intropía’ edited in May 2016 and we reissue this Christmas. LP-Vinyl that you can reserve from now until the end of existence of this limited edition.

All the info and reservation in: discos@fernando-barroso.com


‘Intropía’ in Polyvinylchloride

efectoWith the re-edition of Intropía we´ll release this version remastered on Vinyl. There are 250 copies in limited edition edition that will be available on December 9th. There will be no distribution in stores, so, from now on, you can reserve copies by writing to this email address: discos@fernando-barroso.com

The phonograph disc record was the primary medium used for music reproduction until late in the 20th century. It had co-existed with the phonoghraph cilinder from the late 1880s and replaced it by the late 1920s. Records retained the largest market share even when new formats such as CD were mass-marketed. By the late 1980s, digital media, in the form of the CD, had gained a larger market share, and the vinyl record left the mainstream in 1991. From the 1990s to the 2010s, records continued to be manufactured and sold on a much smaller scale, and were especially used by disc jockeys (DJ)s, released by artists in some genres, and listened to by a noche market of audiophiles. The phonograph record has made a niche resurgence in the early 21st century – 9.2 million records were sold in the U.S. in 2014, a 260% increase since 2009. Likewise, in the UK sales have increased five-fold from 2009 to 2014.



New video realese – Monday, august 15th

#intropía Nearly three months after the release of his debut album Fernando Barroso launch this new video that will be released next Monday day 5. A road movie as tribute to the city of Vigo, which Barroso included among the 17 pieces that complete  Intropía. Nice takes during the transition between day and night. A time-lapse showing the activity of the estuary of Vigo estuary, and the beauty of the sunsets over the Cíes Islands. The playing of the different instruments that appear in the music, with landmarks of the city as a stage. And even a duel of electric guitars in Plaza del Rei at midnight. Such a review of the city through the experiences of this musician born in Ferrol who lives in Vigo for 20 years.

Intropía – Puntos de compra.

Distribuído por ‘Inquedanzas Sonoras’.

  • Distribución Nacional


  • Santiago
  • Ferrol
    M 4


  • Pontevedra


  • A Coruña


  • Ourense


  • Lugo


  • Redondela


  • Moaña


  • Melide


  • Vigo


  • Allariz


Release for sale. ‘Intropía’.

13029489_591606267671033_8004057882640897018_oCD on sale HERE


“I guess ‘Intropia’ as internal entropy. One way to measure the internal disorder and the lack of control over the random elements that happen. Time´s arrow. Randomness as the only thing that can not be undone. We walk toward the future because the entropy always increases. We grow, we travel, inside and outside, feel, and finally live. ‘Intropía’ as the need to get back to basics. Reflect, create, and control the chaos, just to assign it a certain amount of beauty.”




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(GAL)Como lanzamento da páxina WEB de Fernando Barroso, sortearemos 2 CD´s entre os comentarios realizados neste post no Facebook.(SORTEO)  O sorteo farase este venres ás 23h, a través dun xerador de números aleatorios, asignando os números na orde dos comentarios publicados. Lembrade que o lanzamento é o día 18 de Maio e poderedes mercar o disco nesta mesma Web. Apertas!!!

(ESP)Como lanzamiento de la página Web de Fernando Barroso, sortearemos 2 Cd´s entre los comentarios realizados en el post de Facebook.(SORTEO) El sorteo se hará este viernes a las 23h, a través de un generador de números aleatorios, asignando los números en función del orden de los comentarios publicados. Recordad que el lanzamiento es el día 18 de Mayo, y podréis comprar el disco en esta misma Web.

(ING)To release this Fernando Barroso´s Website, 2 Cd’s will be raffled  among the comments made in this facebook post (DRAW). The draw will be made next friday at 23h, through a random number generator, assigning numbers based on the order of the comments posted. Remember that the album release is on May 18th, and you can buy the CD on this website-


Bon día! Vouvos contar… non son precisamente colaboradores. Son os músicos que fixeron posible levar a cabo estas 17 pezas que compoñen‪#‎Intropía‬. Despóis de algúns meses facendo música fun chamando amigos e compañeiros destes anos atrás, e outros que fun coñecendo recentemente, para darlle forma aos temas. Este disco, en parte, fala da volta ás orixes, e por iso quixen contar cunhas cantas das persoas coas que tanto aprendín e compartín. A todos eles atoparédelos nalgún recuncho deste disco. Enormemente agradecido. – Xabier Díaz, Isaac Palacín, Xose Manuel Budiño, Begoña Riobó, Margarida Mariño, Ana Isabel Dias, Ramón Dopico, Anaïs Barbier, Pedro Fariñas, Manuel Paino, Oscar Fernández,Migui de Dios, Ricard Ros, Beatriz Martínez Ghaveta, Xabier Esqueira, Alfonso Merino, Pablo Dalama, e os 90′ da Coruña(Roberto Aller, Jose Catoira, Brais Maceiras, Pedriño Villarino, Antonio Prado, Natalia Pérez, Xan Xove, Iván Méndez, Miguel Vazquez. –
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