Biography: Fernando Barroso is a Galician musician, composer and record producer, born in Ferrol in 1979. Dr. in Physical Chemistry by Universidade de Vigo in 2010, since 2011 exclusively devoted to music production and participating in several projects in Galicia. Nowadays is part of ‘Riobó’, Budiño’ and ‘TRIM’ bands , and has colaborated with artists such as Anxo Lorenzo, Xabier Diaz and Julio Pereira. He was also part of the mitic ‘paratraditional’ band from Ferrol ‘Os Cempés’ at its last stage, and cofounder of the international trio “Assembly Point” with Eoghan Neff and Luis Peixoto. This latter was also co-producer of ‘POP'(2013) and ‘TRIM’ (2014) with Barroso. Since 2016 Barroso is also part of NEXO creative lab, with musicians from several countries in America and Europe. 

Vocational guitar player, Fernando Barroso is talented multi-instrumentalist with stringed & pulse instruments such as irish bouzouki, mandolin, banjo,…and also experimented cavaquinhos and Portuguese violas as shown in his last work ‘Intropia'(2016). This work is the result of a relentless pursuit of ordering the ideas and control the chaos in a world spinning faster and faster. A record that has been taking shape over the last year and a half, and Barroso presents in May 2016. An album that opens a path to his new own project.