Biography: Fernando Barroso is a Galician musician, composer and producer, born in Ferrol in 1979. Founding member of TRIM and Assembly Point, he was also part of the bands ‘Riobo’ and ‘Budiño’ and worked with artists such as Anxo Lorenzo, Xabier Dìaz or Julio Pereira He was also part of the legendary ‘paratraditional’ band from Ferrol, ‘Os Cempés’. And he was also part of the creative laboratory NEXO, directed by Donald Shaw, along with musicians from different countries of Europe and America. International baggage that over the years has led him to play in important boxes around the world, with different bands and personal projects, and that ends at the beginning of his solo career, presenting his first album ‘INTROPÍA’ in 2016, and this new work ‘SILENCE LOVERS CLUB – MANDOLIN PIECES’, in January 2018.

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